Spring fever is running rampant. We've gotten our first taste of 50 plus degree weather. But then, the clouds are back, and here we are with the "winter blahs" again. Sure, it's a bit warmer. But without the sun, it's just hard to stay motivated. Maybe the solution is as simple as relocating to a different part of the state.

Seems odd right? However, a bunch of Iowa cities were recently analyzed, with the focus being on how many sunny days they had according to NOAA. So where should you head if you need the sun? West. Specifically west of Highway 71. The top 10 list is as follows:

  1. Shenandoah
  2. Denison
  3. Clarinda
  4. Atlantic
  5. Glenwood
  6. Harlan
  7. Red Oak
  8. Council Bluffs
  9. Cherokee
  10. Sioux City

Where'd corridor cities fall? Among the cloudiest. Specifically, Marion and Anamosa were in the bottom 3 with only 188 sunny days. That's just over half the year. In other words, almost every other day was cloudy. Vinton, Cedar Falls, Hiawatha, North Liberty, Cedar Rapids, and Waterloo weren't too far behind.

Westward migration anyone?

[VIA Homesnacks.net]