Khloe Kardashian's new show on fyi, Kocktails with Khloe, continues to be a go-to source for rapper-related confessionals and interviews. While Tyga opened up about his intentions to marry Kylie Jenner and Diddy reflected on the loss of David Bowie, Khloe elicited a different type of conversation out of T-Pain in a recent episode.

"What would I do if I was the opposite sex for a month?" the singer asks himself, repeating Khloe's question. "Probably set the world record for masturbating," he says before miming such activities out, providing his own sound effects as well. 

From there, the conversation somehow gets stranger and more sexual, as T-Pain recounts the time he had sex on the hood of a car. "It was in a park at night," he said, with fellow guest Ne-Yo providing some support. "Sex in public on the hood of a car at night is completely tame." And in a bit of revelatory T-Pain news, the singer says, "I have machines and stuff. I got mechanisms in the house. Stuff hanging from the ceiling."

T-Pain discussed music as well with Khloe and the gang, saying that his new single will be something different than the club hits he usually puts out. "'Officially Yours.' We’re going to make it a wedding song," he said. "Produced by The Interns. We’re just making a happy marriage song. Make sure everybody knows there is that happiness out there."

He also said that he is dropping the autotune somewhat, taking Ne-Yo's advice to occasionally let his real voice shine. "It’s not so much put to rest. On the tracks that need it, of course I’ll put it there. This guys been telling me to do that for years." Check out all of the T-Pain clips above and below.

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