USA has Most Snow Coverage Since Records Began
The amount of snow encompassing the United States this week is wild. As Iowans, we are accustomed to dealing with deep drifts and bitter cold every winter. But other parts of the nation are not. As of 2/16, 73% of the country had snow on the ground...
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Will We Break the Record for Snowiest Winter?
Spring is less than 30 days away. Which means there's still plenty of time for more SNOW.
According to the below chart from the Iowa Environmental Mesonet, Waterloo has accumulated over 43" of snow since October 1, 2020. That's nearly 10" above average, but still 16...
Snowfall Totals
Iowa has been blanketed by a thick layer of fresh snow. The southwestern corner leads the way with around 14" of snow. The Waterloo-area has reported around 6-7" so far. 
You can send your snow measurements to the National Weather Service in Des Moines HERE...
MAJOR WINTER STORM to Hit Iowa on Monday
A major winter storm is set to hit Iowa Monday into Monday night. This storm will feature the potential for a lot of snow, and combined with gusty winds and blowing this, the storm will make travel very difficult at times.
The NWS says:
The heaviest snow band could contain amo…
More Snow This Weekend!
Get your shovels ready, another round of snow is headin' towards the Hawkeye State.
The National Weather Service in Des Moines says:
Snow will begin to overspread large portions of the state by Saturday afternoon and continue through the overnight hours...

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