Seth Rogen appeared on 'SNL' last night for the third time in his career and as part of his opening monologue, he got a little help from some friends.

Rogen walked on stage and pointed out that it was his third time hosting. For his monologue, Rogen brought out a journal that he has supposedly updated each day in order to remember the week for years to come. The self-referential jokes were all too familiar to Rogen fans, as he read from his book and joked about being pitched weed jokes by the writing staff, as well as missing his family who mimics his signature gruff laughter.

He went on to read other entries from his journal, and talked about having no ideas for the show. In an effort to feel better about himself, he decided to prank his friend James Franco by posing as a young girl on Instagram and reserving a room at the Ace Hotel (referencing Franco's recent social media snafu with an underaged girl.)

He later brought up Friday, the day before the taping, and 'SNL' being worried about the quality of the show. "They seem concerned. They offer to have Zooey Deschanel come on," he read just as a smiling Zooey Deschanel appeared on stage to the crowd's delight.

But before he continued, James Franco appeared on stage as well. "It's not a cameo," Franco said to the audience. "Great prank buddy. I've been waiting at the Ace Hotel for days."

Rogen got back to his journal, to which he appeared visibly nervous. Zooey and James returned on stage to give him reassurances and then suddenly, Taylor Swift appeared to the crowd's reception.

"Seth is getting really upset," Taylor said, "And whenever a man shows emotion, I appear," she said in fairy-like tone. Taylor Swift then went on to introduce Ed Sheeran as the night's musical guest.

Overall, it was a nice self-deprecating monologue for all parties involved and it's always satisfying to see celebrities participate in making fun of themselves.