In 2006, one teen country singer started to become a household name.  I was working in country music at the time, and honestly couldn't stand her.  However, I had to admit she was a good role model.  So as my daughter got older, I begrudgingly introduced her to Taylor, and of course, she was hooked.

A few years later, things started to change. It was partly that I got used to her, partly that her voice got better.  I remember being excited for "Speak Now" to come out, and even more excited to take my daughter to the concert.  We all couldn't wait to rip into "Red" as soon as we got that disc, and the same goes for "1989".  Over the years, even when struggling with her voice, I recognized that this girl has talent.  She writes all her own stuff, creates her tours, and is more or less her own manager, making all her own decisions.  Everything is on her terms, and she gets to be who she wants to be.  And she makes great decisions professionally, personally, and socially. She's an amazing role model to all girls, even if she's maybe a bit to quick to fall in love.  As for all her songs being about the same thing, well, yeah, I get the argument. But, she does write about what she knows, as opposed to just singing a song just to try to score a hit with a catchy hook.

Yet another example of her mass talent hit the net the other day, as a video popped up of her performing at the Grammy Museum, doing her hit "Wildest Dreams" with just an electric guitar.  It's a bit gritty and different, while vocally just blowing us away, AGAIN. There's not a lot of stars today who can do what she does, that's for sure.

If you love that performance, check out the one that really locked me in as a "Swifty" below.  It's Taylor performing Mumford and Sons "White Blank Page".