Tax Day isn't April 15th this year?!

If you haven't filed your 2015 taxes yet, you have a few extra days to get it done. The 2016 Tax Day is actually April 18th.

Typically, April 15th is recognized as Tax Day, unless it happens to fall on a weekend. This year it falls on a Friday, so why the delay? Well, it's because of Emancipation Day. The District of Columbia usually celebrates Emancipation Day on April 16th, but because it falls on a Saturday, by law, it has to be moved to the closest weekday. Instead of getting pushed forward to Monday, it got pushed a day back, because the following weekday is not always the CLOSEST weekday. That boots Tax Day to the next business day, which is Monday, April 18th.  If you file in Maine or Massachusetts, their Tax Day has been pushed to Tuesday, April 19th because of Patriots Day. Sounds to me like we have too many holidays that week in April!

So all of you people who have been putting off your taxes, this will give you an extra weekend to get it done! Hooray!

[Via Forbes]