If anyone told you parenting isn't that bad, they're a liar.  It's tough as heck!  You try to hug and kiss more than yell, and give praise over punishment as often as possible.  But sometimes the innocence of youthful mistakes leaves you in complete tears.  Which is exactly what happened in my house the other morning.

For Easter, the rascally rabbit called the Easter bunny, decided to bring my 8yr old daughter this new Disney game for the Nintendo DS.  We are major Disney-philes in my house, so everyone was pretty excited.  And my daughter was hooked, playing whenever she got the chance, getting pretty far in the game pretty quickly.  And of course, her "raised on the mouse" 5yr old brother wanted to watch and play whenever she'd let him, which wasn't very often.  So off to school she goes, with a strict warning to him to leave it alone. And, the moment she leaves the house, he's off to her room to find the DS.

Sure enough, not more than 5 minutes later, he says quietly... "It was an accident... I didn't do it on purpose."  And we look over, as his face is balling up with tears, take the system from him, and find... he has deleted her progress completely.  Oh boy!

Been there?  A billion thoughts through your head, none the least, "How will she retaliate?", as we all knew this was bound to happen.  And then, your heart breaks for her, as something she treasures and has pride in has just been lost.  Yes, it's just a game, and half the fun is in playing it.  But it still sucks, and there's nothing you can do.

The joys of parenting.