May have heard yesterday that it was "officially" determined that the new World Trade Tower is now the tallest building in the nation, thanks to the antenna "spire" on top. Not surprisingly, this has sparked a huge debate, pitting city against city. Being from Chi-town, I'm completely biased. The Willis Sears Tower (as I will always call it), has the highest point of a man made building that any person can stand in, in the nation = The best tower! Cause really, what fun is it if you can't go to the highest point? 

Getty Images News - Andrew Burton

It didn't stop there though, as the debate has now surpassed just towers... extending to which has the best city, including best pizza.

Clearly, everyone knows Chicago Deep Dish is the best! (ex: Gino's East, Lou Malnati's)  And while I do ALSO enjoy Sbarros, nothing really compares.  And since we're on food, don't get me started on Portillo's.  But none can fuel the debate as well as New York's own John Stewart.  Great rant Mr. Stewart.  Well played on the "Murder Capital" angle.

Now it's your turn. Which is better?

Chi-town or NYC?