Let's be honest, ice cream is the best whether it is negative 30 degrees and snowing or a nice fall day but it's the BEST on days like today where there is a heat advisory in the Cedar Valley and it's like 90 degrees. It is the sweet, cold treat we need!

So, it's time to treat yourself today and cool yourself down with some ice cream! Now, if you are like me and not sure where the best ice cream is in the Cedar Valley, well I got you covered! I asked some our listeners on Facebook what the best places are for ice cream in the Cedar Valley and the results are in! Here are some of the top places picked by you all to visit for ice cream today! (Yes, it's okay to have more than one bowl today!)

4 Queens Dairy Cream was one of the top answers on Facebook and I wholeheartedly agree!I will personally wait in line for an hour if I had to just for their ice cream!

This was the other most answered ice cream place. I have heard lines here go out into the street but so worth the wait! I am going to have to check them out today.

When you have great service, it just makes the ice cream that much sweeter.

I'm always down for a road trip for some ice cream!

I guess I know what I am ordering when I get there!

Seriously, I am going to get so fat from this ice cream road tripping!

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