St. Patrick’s Day has passed, but you're still craving some traditional Corned Beef, we've got the list for you. The name corn beef comes from the use of rock salt used to preserve the meat. Kernel size “corns” of salt are used to cure the tough cuts of beef giving it a unique coloring and flavor and a longer shelf life. Served on rye bread with sauerkraut and thousand island dressing makes it a “Rueben” named after the New York City deli owner that created the first one back in 1914. Ironically, he wasn’t Irish. But that doesn’t matter on March 17, so here are my Top Five choices for the best corn beef in Cedar Rapids.

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    The Village Meat Market

    The Village Meat Market is well known for some of the best sandwiches in town, and they do not disappoint for St. Pat’s Day. With a Yelp review of 4.5 stars and our own personal experience with the tasty menu, they win my vote for a festive St. Pat’s Day corn beef lunch.


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    What their website lacks, is more than made up for in their delicious menu selection. Zeppelin’s corn beef on rye is stacked high to satisfy, and for those picky eaters who prefer NOT to consume the traditional Irish fare on the Saintly Green Holiday, there is a nice choice of options both meaty and vegetarian. Zeppelin’s slogan is priceless: “Remember! You didn’t come here to save money or lose weight!”

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    The Irish Democrat

    It’s easy to see why the Irish Democrat is one of Cedar Rapids most popular downtown destinations. A wide menu of sandwiches along with the traditional Ruben (corn beef, sauerkraut, on marbled rye) makes this a must for lunch or dinner for the downtown crowd.

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    Nelson's Market and Deli

    It’s been a while, but I can honestly say that I had my first corn beef sandwich in Cedar Rapids at Nelson’s Market and Deli. What made it so memorable was that it was delectable. There is nothing better than feeling right at home from the moment you walk in, and that welcoming, nostalgic feeling is what you get at Nelson’s Meat Market, along with a great Rueben!


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    Dublin City Pub

    For arguably the most authentic St. Pat’s experience in Cedar Rapids, you cannot overlook the Dublin City Pub. Their creative menu of appetizers includes my favorite Scotch Eggs (hard boiled, wrapped in pork sausage breading and fried golden brown). You’ll be impressed with entrees like Sheppard’s Pie (filled with delicious seasoned ground beef) and Smithwick’s Stew (aged beef, potatoes and carrots simmered in Smithwick’s beer). And of course, a Rueben sandwich that’s aptly named the “Irishman”. It’s my #1 choice for the best corn beef in Cedar Rapids this St. Patrick’s Day!