It's the time of year we get a little distracted at work, as we ooh and ahh over the Bald Eagles in Decorah. Thanks again to the Raptor Resource Project, we are very "egg" cited to be tuning in to the Eagle Cam.

UPDATE: Just after 7p Saturday night (2/21), egg #2 appeared!

This is already proving to be a very exciting year, as an egg has already been laid, marking the earliest egg lay on record.  The egg was laid just after 6p Tuesday night, beating out the previous record of about 7:45p on the same date (Feb 17) back in 2013. And so, the intense watching begins. How many eggs will follow?  When will the eggs hatch? Keep checking back for more updates.

(By the way, we had 3 eggs last year, 2 of which had hatched by April 4th.)

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