There were many who loved the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.  But the critics didn't. And there's two people who apparently aren't comfortable with the outcome.  So much so, that they may have just changed the remainder of the movie series. Those people are Amelia Warner, the wife of "Christian Grey" actor Jamie Dornan, and Jamie himself.

Pascal Le Segretain - Getty Images

The role of Christian Grey was a hard one to cast after all, with many different names being tossed around.  We can't forget the first choice, Charlie Hunnam, quit before shooting even began. The role would be a life changing one, as you would forever be lusted after, and possibly forever type cast.

But according to the reports, it seems to be the first part that has caused the most concern. Is Amelia too worried that Jamie has now become such a sex symbol, that he would be lusted after, and tempted far more often than they initially imagined, and it's just not something she's comfortable with?  After all, they have just started their family, and have a 15 month old daughter.  Rumor has it he promised her not to worry, but honestly, with playing one the most fantasized about characters ever, how could she not.

But is it all Amelia, or is Jamie also getting cold feet?  Not because of his new sex symbol status, but rather that almost ever review was bad, and he's worried this might ultimately hurt his career.  And for this, he's rumored to be blaming Dakota.  If that's true, how could these two ever have any chemistry to make the future movies?

No matter whatever it is, it's definitely one rumor we want "put to be" quick.  If it does end up being true however, who would you want to see as his replacement?  Or could he be replaced?  Imagine if Robert Pattinson walked away after the first Twilight... yikes!