Apparently Iowans are very curious about alcohol and baseball...

Ah, Google. Any question in the universe can be answered anytime, anywhere. I honestly don't know how we ever lived without it. Estately analyzed Google searches to figure out what how-to question each state Googled more than any of the others, and the results for Iowa are pretty random. According to the study, Iowans Google, "how to throw a curveball?" more than the 49 other states in the country. Also on the list were, "how to make Jello shots?" and, "how to screenshot?" Obviously all very important questions.

As for the states surrounding us, Wisconsin would like to know, "how to impeach a governor?" and people in Illinois want to know, "how to sell Beanie Babies?" Here are a few others:

  • Missouri: How to raise chickens?
  • Minnesota: How to quilt?
  • Nebraska: How to be gluten free?
  • South Dakota: How to make slime?

[Via Estately]