If you need a little pick-me-up today, here's a reminder of some little things in life that make us all incredibly happy.

Somebody on Reddit asked the question: "What are some of life's small, simple pleasures?" and people really came through. Just READING this list was satisfying to me! Here are some of the best user responses:

  • Laying in your own bed after a trip (it's even BETTER when that trip involved camping!)
  • Finally getting a piece of food out of your teeth
  • When you FINALLY get to use the bathroom after holding it in for a long time (I'm just gonna say it... there is NO greater feeling than this!)
  • A shower with great water pressure
  • The relief that comes with being able to breathe out of a stuffed nostril again
  • Fresh-baked bread with butter that spreads well
  • Taking your socks off after a long day (or for a lot of women, replace "socks" with "bra.")
  • When somebody plays with your hair or scratches your back
  • Taking a nap on a rainy day

Some of my favorite little things are finding another fry in the bag when you thought they were all gone, when somebody takes a REALLY good picture of you, and laying in a bed with fresh sheets. What are some little things that are extremely satisfying to you? Leave a comment and let us know!

Via Reddit