You've probably had some pretty interesting first dates, but have you ever saved someone's life on one of them?

A 21-year-old guy in Canada actually DID. Tristan Gareau was driving while he was out on a date, and came across an accident. He could tell the situation was getting bad because the car was smoking, so he took it upon himself to pull over and see if he could help. He said that the driver appeared to be unconscious for some time, so he pulled him out of the vehicle. Moments later it BURST INTO FLAMES.

The good news? The 65-year-old man driving the vehicle is expected to make a full-recovery.

The other good news? Tristan's date from that day is now his girlfriend. He said, "I’ve never [encountered] something like that before on a first date, but trust me, the girl is probably pretty hooked on me, so if any of you guys want to get a girl hooked on you, that’s the way to do it, I guess.”

Via CBC News