Valentine's Day is coming up on Saturday, which inspired E! Online to put together a list of the 18 most romantic movie scenes of all time. Here are some of my favorites that made the list:

  • The Notebook - You know EXACTLY what scene I'm talking about. Nothing is better than Noah and Allie kissing in the rain.
  • Say Anything - The iconic scene where Lloyd holds up his boom box with "In Your Eyes" playing.
  • Juno - When Juno fills Paulie's mailbox with orange Tic Tacs because they are his favorite.
  • The Wedding Singer - When Robbie sings Julia "I Wanna Grow Old With You" on the plane.
  • Up - When Carl sees that his wife's adventure was her life with him. I'M STILL NOT OVER THIS.
  • Ghost - The epic pottery scene with a shirtless Patrick Swayze. Awwww yeaaaahhhh!
  • For the full list click HERE.

    What is your favorite romantic movie scene ever?