I've been a member of the liberal, leftist media for a long time now. I'm kidding of course. I spent a number of years as a news reporter and writer. My job was the news. To gather it, write it and report it. I covered elections, accidents, store openings, you name it. And my main objective was to tell the listener what had happened. The real story. That is the job of the media after all. To report the truth. Unfortunately, this election has seen the media come under fire. The truth is under attack.

It is no secret that both sides of the aisles have their news stations. If you lean to the right you watch Fox News. If you lean to the left, you have MSNBC or CNN. In the past several years, these 24-hour news stations have had to compete for viewers. How do you do that? You skew to one side. Most people realize that when they watch these channels they're getting news through either RED or BLUE colored glasses. But this election cycle has put the media under intense scrutiny. Some of it is justified. If you don't go after someone, regardless of their party, are you doing your journalistic duty? Are you seeking out the truth? I see people posting articles on social media every day from "news" sources. These websites pose as news sites and spew forth lies about both parties. Take the latest media cover up.