Glamour Magazine recently posted (then removed) an article titled "13 Little Things That Make Men Fall Hard for You," and it's causing quite a stir.

Honestly, I'm really disappointed and a little bit disgusted that Glamour would post an article like this. It looks like it came straight out of the 1950s! Yes, it's obviously always nice to do things for your boyfriend/fiance/husband, but exactly how far are women expected to go? How about an article titled, "13 Little Things That Are Nice to Do For Your Significant Other, Regardless of Gender?" Brain (who is a MAN) and I (a WOMAN) were reading through this list and we BOTH think it's way ridiculous.

For example, the list suggests that the woman makes the man a snack after sex. REALLY? I feel a "woman belongs in the kitchen" joke coming on...

Serving him a snack on a literal "silver platter?" Also on the list! I mean, COME ON.

"Stock the fridge with his favorite drink, and hand him a beer as soon as he steps out of the shower," made the list, as well.

Is anyone else seeing the pattern here? Does Glamour really expect women to spend all of their time in the bedroom and the kitchen? Apparently.

I'm not saying that some of the things on the list are unreasonable, just the way they are presented is what ticks me off. I don't mind watching something on TV that my guy likes to watch or giving him a massage when he's had a crappy day, but these are nice things you should do REGARDLESS of gender. Relationships are a two-way street. Memorizing sports stats and letting your guy do whatever he wants while you pretend to enjoy it are NOT qualities of a fair and healthy relationship.

See the entire list HERE.