Saw this article on Huffington Post of the WORST Christmas songs ever.  And while we agree for the most part, to list some of these songs is a dig at your childhood!

We get many of these, as they are downright awful. (Noticeably missing is the Barking Dogs - Jingle Dogs).   But to put "Alvin and the Chipmunks" and "Wham!" on the list... what?   Admittedly, these next two are pretty bad, but how could you not love the Duck Dynasty cast for everything those crazy cajun rednecks do...even if it's bad Christmas songs.

And finally, I submit this to you.  Yes, awful.  But I grew up with it, and am embarrassed to admit, I can sing almost every word of the rap break. (It's what you get for having an older sister in the 90's).

Click here for the full list.

What would you add?