Sometime between January of 2005 and May of 2008, there was one show that made everything else in the world go away.  It was your show.  A complete guilty pleasure that at first you didn't want to admit, but then you realized EVERYONE was watching it, so all was good... until the December 2007 announcement that would change everything.  Forget that for a moment, and lets go back.

Who would have ever thought one girl, Britney Spears sister none the less, would mean so much to you.  You just couldn't get enough of Zoey and her escapades as the new girl at school, who lived at school.  If you think about it, if that happened to you in real life, it'd kinda be a nightmare.  But living through Zoey's eyes, it looked like perfection.

And then a new friend joined the show.  A nobody named Victoria Justice, who rise to stardom was just beginning. (Of course it's through Victoria we'd meet our latest obsession... Ariana Grande... but we digress.)  And we kept waiting for "that moment" with Chase, and were devastated when Zoey left PCA missing the chance.

It killed you to watch the 2 of them be separated.  And when it didn't work out, and Zoey and James started dating, you found yourself yelling at the TV, and crying, yet maybe rooting for James over Chase.  And when the news broke of Jamie Lynn's pregnancy, and the show ending, you were so angry, especially as Zoey and Chase finally got their chance to be together, and kiss, and then there was no more.

Just think, during those 4 short years, you'd give anything for the chance to meet Zoey, to bring a part of that world into yours.  And if we gave you the chance then, you would have just about died.  But we didn't then.  However, NOW we are.  And no matter how much anger you hold, it's your chance to let it go, (please stop singing that song) take that trip back, and live that childhood fantasy.  (Gotta admit, Jamie Lynn did the responsible thing in taking time off to focus on raising her child.  She'd love to still see your fan support.)

Sure, its different now, as Zoey is becoming a country star, and there is no Lola, Chase, Quinn, Dustin, Logan, Michael, or Nicole... but how can you pass it up?  Relive your "Throwback Thursday" on "Flashback Friday", and we'll see you at the McGrath Amphitheater tomorrow!