Everyone who has ever gone to an Iowa football game at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City has probably had this thought cross their mind. Why on earth doesn't the university put the Tigerhawk logo on that white backdrop? It would tie everything together so well! About a month ago, the school made Iowa fans dreams a reality by announcing plans to add the Tigerhawk to the water tower.

"Seeing our iconic Tigerhawk logo on the water tower has been a topic of discussion ever since the day I arrived", athletic director Gary Barta said. "Over the years we have continued to showcase our powerful brand. We are excited that beginning next season, in addition to 70,000 fans at Kinnick Stadium, the logo on the water tower will be viewed by millions of people around country and worldwide on television."

And now, that dream has become a reality!

Shawn Edaburn

The Tigerhawk logo went up for good on Monday afternoon. It's just as beautiful as Iowa fans hoped it would be! Once the renovations to Kinnick are done, with the hospital in the background, the water tower Tigerhawk will tie the Iowa atmosphere together in a whole new way! GO HAWKS!

Shawn Edaburn


[via Landof10.com]