Black Friday. The allure of the deals is hard to dispute, even for those who say they'll NEVER shop that day. If you're one of those people and are being 100 percent honest, you have haven't you? If you're going to join the fun and madness, you need a strategy. Here's some helpful tips, courtesy of The Balance.

[via TheBalance]

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    Start Doing Research Now

    You don't have to wait 'til the Thanksgiving day newspaper to research deals. Not these days. Websites like have Black Friday ads from MANY retailers now. Also, look at ads from previous years. You'd be surprised how many stores recycle deals. Wallethub reports Sears repeats 28 percent of deals, Office Depot and Office Max 20 percent, and Kohl's and JcPenney repeat more than 15 percent of offers.

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    Do Price Comparisons

    Just because something is advertised as a Black Friday special doesn't necessarily mean AWESOME deal. Nope. Check prices against one another at a place like Pricegrabber to make sure the deal you're looking at really is the best.

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    See the Merchandise, Scout the Store

    When you go Black Friday shopping, time is of the essence. Head to each store and see where the products you most want are located. In other words, plan your attack.

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    Know the Policies on Returns and Rebuys

    There are some stores that will actually let you buy a product now and then return and rebuy it on Black Friday itself. Imagine the stress that could eliminate if there's something you absolutely MUST have. Investigate and you could get a big payoff.

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    Be Selective on Black Friday

    It's simply not the day to try to do all of your Christmas shopping. Shop for the deals you really want and leave the full-out Christmas shopping for another day. Any other day.

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    Don't Forget Coupons

    You'll find many coupons you can print online making good deals great or great deals once-in-a-lifetime. Ok, that might be a little over the top but it really can be worth the extra time spent doing a little coupon hunting.

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    Avoid the Crowds and Shop From Home

    Yes, there's something about the thrill of the hunt and/or survival of the best shopper on Black Friday but you can find many of the same deals online. Sometimes, minus the shipping which can save you substantial money. You can often make those purchases hours before you have the chance to get them in-store, an added bonus.