Every city has them, reasons you're late for work. In the City of Five Seasons, here's the five we hear the most.

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    I had to wait for a couple of Canadian Geese and all their goslings to cross the road. They weren't in nearly as big of a hurry as I was. After what happened on Interstate 380 recently, you HAVE to believe me.

    Bob James
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    Quaker Oats

    It's Crunch Berry Day at Quaker Oats and when I smelled 'em I just had to go buy some. Then, I ended up buying a bunch of other cereals too and of course, I had to try 'em all and...

    Julie James
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    I got stopped by a train on 1st Avenue and then the train stopped and then it backed up and then it stopped again.. I'm lucky I got here at all!

    KHAK via YouTube
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    Paving for Progess

    My route to work was blocked by construction. And so was my alternate route and my third choice. They call it Paving for Progress, but I couldn't make any this morning.

    XtremerX - Thinkstock
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    All Those Trucks

    I saw the backup of trucks on Diagonal Drive headed to Penford, so I just kept going. Then I missed the downtown exit. By the time I finally got off I-380 and headed back south on the interstate, the 7th Street off-ramp was all backed up with trucks heading to Cargill. Then, of course, there was that train.