The sound of Pocahontas' voice proved powerful enough to enliven nature's dormant spirits, but Tori Kelly may have one-upped the Disney princess—her voice has stopped a GRAMMY-winning producer in his tracks.

Kelly, whose adaptation of "Colors of the Wind" appears on We Love Disney (out now), said last month that she chose to tackle the song because of her connection to 1995's Pocahontas. And the bond is abundantly clear to David Foster, who produced the remake and says in the behind-the-scenes video above—which PopCrush is exclusively premiering—that the singer's studio time blew him away.

"Tori is one of these new artists that's come along that's just exploding on the scene, and she gave a vocal performance that was so stellar," he raves above, before the clip cuts to footage of Kelly's voice soaring over the song's bridge. "She is a star."

We Love Disney, a collection of the film franchise's most memorable songs covered by contemporary artists, includes contributions from Ariana Grande, Gwen Stefani and Jessie J. And though tracks run the gamut from Mary Poppins' "A Spoonful of Sugar" to Frozen's "Let It Go," Kelly said there was no debate involved when it came time to pick—"Colors of the Wind," originally performed in Pocahontas by Judy Kuhn, was the only choice.

"I wanted to do ‘Colors of the Wind’ from the movie Pocahontas because as a kid that was my favorite movie growing up," she explained in a separate We Love Disney video. "I was all decked out in the Pocahontas outfit for Halloween, I had the Pocahontas mug, I was just obsessed with the movie so I thought it’d be cool."

Check out the full version of the song, and if you like what you hear, be sure to download a copy of We Love Disney on iTunes!

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