After being rescued from the cold with only two legs, a 6-week-old puppy will finally be able to walk... I mean, roll!

Tumbles is an adorable little terrier/beagle mix that was born with no front legs. As you can imagine, he needs a lot of special care. He was the runt of the litter and couldn't compete for milk from his mom, so he had to be bottle fed, and he obviously can't really walk. He moves by balancing on his back-legs and pushing his nose to the ground. The family who took him in decided to bring him to Friends of the Shelter Dogs in Ohio so he could get special care. From there he was placed in the care of an experienced puppy foster where he is doing very well!

After posting a few photos of Tumbles on social media, someone reached out to them with a design for a 3-D printed wheelchair. Then the Ohio University Innovation Center helped to create it, and also offered to continue to help the puppy throughout his life by upgrading the wheel chair as Tumbles grows. Although he is struggling to use his new wheels, he is said to be a "happy and willing patient." Check out this adorable video of Tumbles trying out his wheelchair:

A Puppy With Only Two Legs Got A 3D-Printed Wheelchair

Meet Tumbles the two-legged puppy!

Posted by BuzzFeed on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

[Via CBS News/Inside Edition]