If you're driven past the U.S. Cellular Center in the past couple days, you've probably seen it.  The tease, "Something Big Is Coming Cedar Rapids,"  with a date of June 11th.  So what can it be?UPDATE: Answer was revealed, and it's a Professional soccer team coming to Cedar Rapids. More details here.

I remember when they were talking about putting in the digital billboards on the side of the U.S. Cellular Center, everyone was concerned about the distractions they'd cause.  I think this might just be the biggest one yet.  As soon as you see it, your mind starts to wonder about what it may be.  Being the U.S. Cellular Center, you have to wonder if it's going to be a concert announcement.  That would be the obvious choice, right?  But they've never teased a concert announcement like this before, so it'd have to be huge.  Even bigger than the Rod Stewart concert, which is a pretty big deal to get a show of that magnitude in Cedar Rapids.

We've discovered there is a Facebook page to help fuel the hype, which in just 2 days has already gained over 600 curious followers, and more speculation.  One poster is thinking this might just be the big announcement about a water park coming to Cedar Rapids that so many were hoping for.  While it sounds like a plausible, exciting lead, only time will tell.

There's also the negative speculation.  Some worry this is all just too much hype for another let down, and that whatever the announcement is, it'll be an expensive burden, either for ticket prices for whatever show it may be, or tax dollars to pay for whatever is "coming".  Yesterday afternoon though, this popped up:

Rest assured, it is no expense or tax burden.

~Facebook 6.11.15

We have our suspicions on what this might be, although we have no answers.  We believe the "genius" behind this tease is someone who has first and foremost always put the city, and it's families, on the forefront of their mind, with a clear focus on affordability.  They host many events annually that are very successful, but are always looking for ways to drum up more hype, excitement, and publicity to make these non-profit events even bigger than they are, serving an even larger segment of the community.  Of course, we're just speculating.

So now, all we can do is wait and wonder... what is coming on June 11? And is it the announcement or the actual event?

US Cellular Center