As Cedar Rapids and other cities on the Cedar River battle to keep floodwaters at bay just to the north, the Wapsipinicon River, is also raging. Most of the flood attention has been on the Cedar River, but the Wapsi River kept climbing as it roared through Independence and now works its way downstream toward Central City and Anamosa.

Just two weeks ago I wrote about a nice relaxing kayak adventure on the Wapsi and we just happened to take a picture near the red bridge at Paris, Iowa. The picture above, captured by Lisa Stick, shows how high the water was Monday. Usually, there's a 10 to 15-foot drop off from the bridge to the river. As you can see in the photo, the water is going over the bridge.

Below is the picture taken on Sunday, September 11. Notice how low (normal) the river was that day compared to yesterday (above).

photo by Katie Hansen

Safe to say I won't be kayaking anytime soon.