This was Young The Giant last year at Lollapalooza 

Stay with me here, don't wanna lose ya.


It was a hot early August Night along Chicago's lake shore

Now we're bringing YTG into the shadow of Mt. Trashmore


New Bo City Market is the locale

So buy tickets for yourself and a pal


It's About Time we had an Alternative Music festival like this in the City of Five

You asked for it and now we're gonna go live


Allen Stone brings his hippie soul to the masses

And we have your VIP passes


Mint, Shapes & Colors, Full Body Tones and Dickie are also coming to jam

These Alt stars all want to meet you so bring your selfie cam


I've a feeling this is getting long in the tooth

So just let me lay down this one solid truth


August 8th will be the best day of the Summer of 2015

Get to this show and you'll know what I mean