People in Iowa love to gamble. According to CBS2/FOX28, "The Iowa Lottery brought in $366.9 million in total revenue, a $42 million increase from the prior year."

I remember the days when lottery tickets only cost a buck. Now, the prices go as much as $20 on a single ticket! It's a bit out of control, if you ask me.

The money, however, is being used for a few good things. CBS2/FOX 28 reports, "A state audit released Tuesday says $88 million of that money went to the state's general fund and to help veteran's programs, and more than $221 million went toward prize expenses."

I don't play the lottery anymore. I'm a loser, I can't win to save my life. Every now and then I get a ticket as a gift around the holidays...but I never win a thing.

If you are playing the lottery, make sure it's for entertainment purposes only. Don't try and pay the rent with your winnings. The lottery should be played for fun, so don't lose your paycheck hoping for that big score.

The article also stated that Powerball tickets went up 43 percent this year. If you won the big Powerball jackpot, what would you do with the money?

Photo by: Oksana Kostyushk

[Source: CBS2/FOX28]