The Iowa defense turned it up a notch and with every win, they've upgraded what bowl game they're heading to.

Just a few weeks ago before the Michigan game, most writers had Iowa headed towards Nashville for the Music City Bowl. Don't get me wrong, Nashville is a great city... just not the warm weather destination you'd like to think about when thinking about watching the Hawks in a bowl game.

Since that time, Iowa has knocked off #3 Michigan and last weekend blanked Illinios in Champaign. Iowa has a very good chance of winning against Nebraska on Friday afternoon. If Iowa wins they could be headed towards the Outback Bowl in Tampa, FL or Holiday Bowl in San Diego, CA. Both very nice warm weather destinations.

A loss on Friday more than likely means that Iowa will be headed to the Foster Farms Bowl in Santa Clara, CA home of the San Francisco 49ers.

All three sound much warmer than Iowa in late December.