Ever wondered what chain restaurant was created the same year you were born? Well, if you have, you have way too much time on your hands to think about these things and if you haven't, now you will know another useless piece of information about yourself!

Somebody on Buzzfeed put together a list of dates restaurants were created based on year and shows you what famous place was created the same year you were born. The dates go from the 1940's until 2009, sorry to all of those that were born after that year you all are too young anyway to care at this point.

Here are some the most popular chain places and what year they were created.

1940, Dairy Queen

1946, Chick-fil-A

1950, Whataburger

1952, KFC

1954, Burger King

1960, Hardee's

1962, Taco Bell

1964, Arby's

1969, Wendy's

1971, Starbucks

1980, Applebee's

1982, Olive Garden

1983, Panda Express

1984, Papa John's

1985, Cinnabon

1993, Chipotle

1995, Einstein Brothers Bagels

2007, Smashburger

2009, Umami Burger


Don't see your birth year but really want to know? Check out the full list here.