No doubt, "vaping" is becoming more and more popular day after day.  In fact, "Vape" was the Oxford Dictionary's Word of the Year. But what exactly is it? Isn't it just the same thing as e-cigs? What are the health risks? We might be able to get you a couple of these answers.

We found this article on the Internet from a guy who is looking to set aside quite a few misconceptions about the product.  I know I'm quite confused, by it myself since it first hit the scene.  My brother in law is an ex-smoker and avid Vape user.  He loves it.  I admit, it's weird when he's vaping inside a restaurant, or walking down the street, and you see the "smoke".  You want to shield the kids, but there's no smell, and no harm, right?

Here's a couple things I took from the article:

  • Vaping and e-cigs are completely different.  Though both might help you quit smoking, e-cigs look like cigarettes, and are made by tobacco companies.  They still carry quite a bit of nicotine.  The more advanced vape you can get, the less nicotine there is, and more flavor.  In other words, vaping is less about the nicotine, and more about the flavor.
  • There have been quite a few studies done on vaping, and there's a lot of self regulation in the industry. Most study results show there's very little risk to your health, as very little tobacco-specific toxins are released. Same would go for second hand on the vape.
  • Vaping has been shown to help smokers quit.

You can read more from the article here.  Also make sure to join us at the Big Boy Toy Show this weekend to get all your vape questions answered by Hawkeye Vapor.