The joys of Halloween night, where kids gather endless amounts of candy, while the parents stay home and pass it out, and indulge in their own "candy".  But why should you only have one or the other?  Finally, a list has been released pairing wines with classic candy (as if you needed another reason to raid that treat bag).

  • Let's say you enjoy skittles. It might come as no surprise that a white will do the trick for you.  Try a dry white, like my favorite, a pinot grigio, or maybe even a Sauvignon Blanc.  They also are great with a sweet white, like Resiling or Moscato.
  • Candy Corn lover?  Pop the cork on a rich white, like a Chardonnay.
  • M&M's are always a popular item to quickly snag from the kiddos bags.  Enjoy them while sipping on a bold red, like a Malbec or Syriah.
  • We've trained the kids to know to share their Resses PB cups with my wife.  She won't be sharing her Pinot Noir however.
  • As for me, I'll be searching out the Mounds and Almond Joys, as no one else in the house likes em.  Might have to grab a bottle of Champagne on the way home them, which sounds like a great night.

There's plenty of other perfect pairings for Hersheys, Twix, Kit Kats, Butterfingers, Tootsie Rolls, and more.  See the full list here. Might want to find your favorite wine, then back track to see which candy to stock up on.