When Patrick Hoagland was laid off from his job as a forklift operator, he decided to get a little creative when it came to trying to land a new job. Hoagland was laid off and spent weeks applying for work but with no luck, so he decided to try a different approach.

The 30-year-old father stood on a street corner in Phoenix, Arizona in 110 degree heat with a sign that told passing drivers that he had been laid off and wanted them to take a resume. He had about 200 resumes and it worked!

Three days later of handing out resumes, Hoagland got a potential employer's attention, Melissa DiGianfilippo. She picked up a resume from him and after realizing his skills were not matching what she was looking for at her PR and Marketing agency, she decided to lend a helping hand. Melissa posted a photo of Hoagland and his resume on social media hoping to help him land a job. The post spread like wildfire and within a few days Hoagland received a multitude of job offers!

Thanks to Melissa's help, Hoagland ended up taking a job at a concrete grinding company in Phoenix.