The wait is nearly over. Monday, February 1 is the day for the Iowa caucuses and here's how to find out where you should go Monday evening.

Linn County has a ton of caucus locations for both Republicans and Democrats. Here is a list of Republican caucus locations. The list of caucus locations for Democrats is available here.

Both Democrats and Republicans can access their caucus location from the same place. You can find that information here. It will pull up both the Democratic and Republican caucus location after you enter your house number.

Check-in time for Democrats Monday night is 6:15. The Republican check-in time is 5:45. The caucus begins promptly at 7 p.m. and make sure you're not late. Once the caucus begins, doors are closed.

If you're a Democrat and have questions about the caucus, you may call 319-431-7261. If you're a Republican, you should direct questions to 319-423-9467.

Best of luck to whoever your candidate is Monday night and may the weather hold until Iowa's first-in-the-nation caucuses are complete.

Here's some additional information on Monday's caucus, from

A caucus is not an election.
There are no absentee ballots for a caucus.
Election Services has no official part in the organization and execution of the caucuses.
Election Services does not tally or report any results of the caucuses.
Election Services does not maintain caucus results from the past.
Election Services will post-caucus locations on our website, office, and/or look-up tool.
Voters registered as Iowa Green or Libertarian are legally defined as "non-party political organizations" (NPPOs) and do not hold caucuses or primaries.
You must register with the party whose caucus you attend.
You must be registered to vote to participate in a caucus, but you may register or change your registration at the caucus site for your precinct.
You must be eligible to vote by the general election date to participate in the caucus (18 years or older on or before the general election date in November).
It is best to contact the party of your choice for more information about the caucuses.