She is the rising country star coming to the McGrath Ampitheatre for the 4th of July. Her name sounds familiar, but your not sure why. You've heard people say she's Britney's sister, but is that true? Who is Jamie Lynn Spears?

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

A little less than 10 years ago, a show started on Nickelodeon that was all the rage for kids and teens.  It was called Zoey 101, and it starred Britney Spears little sister, Jamie Lynn (as well as rising star Victoria Justice). Jamie had been seen in photos around Britney for years, and even played a bit role in Britney's movie, "Crossroads."  She seemed destined for stardom, and Zoey 101 was huge, so things were looking amazing. How huge? It's debut in 2005 was the networks highest ever, and the show would go on to win numerous awards.

But if you never watched the show, or heard of it, you probably still had no clue who she was. That was until December 2007, when Jamie announced she was pregnant at 16, and the world went nuts, as this directly contradicted her overwhelming "good girl" role on the show. This was before MTV created more attention to teen pregnancy with their "Teen Mom" series, which started airing almost exactly 2 years later. Further fueling the fire, was the fact that her boyfriend was 18.  Her show would be cancelled as she now had a new direction in life, and fans were ticked... still to this day.

In these last 5 years, she has been fully focused on being a responsible mother, and just got married in March. She's also be working on her music career, as this stop is part of her tour to launch her new album, and her new career as a country singer. Her first single, the country ballad “How Could I Want More” already has critical acclaim and cultural heat. It was named a Taste of Country Critic’s Pick, and her journey has been covered by such outlets as E!, Entertainment Tonight, BuzzFeed, MTV, CMT, and more! Her EP call "The Journey" dropped just weeks ago (May 27th), and the full album is anticipated, considering she now has over 100 songs in her catalog.

So here's your chance to re-unite with a former child star you loved, witness the beginning of a Nashville rising star, or just catch family friendly entertainment while enjoying your reserved spot for the fireworks.  We probably won't see Britney joining her, though you might just hear a tribute to her sister on stage.  Either way, get your tickets now and join us for Boots on the River on the Fourth.