The Grammy nominations came out this week, and everyone seemed quite excited by Kendrick Lamar's numerous nods, as well as Taylor Swift's nods, and so many more.  But when the cheer settled, the Grammy snub list came out, with names like Nick Jonas and Jason DeRulo.  But there has been no mention of Adele.  How could the artist with easily the biggest song of the year, be completely left out?

The answer is simple: eligibility. Adele's single and album simply came out too late in the year to be up for any Grammy nods this year. September 30th was the cut-off date. Hello came out October 23rd.  This cut-off situation is what has lead Taylor Swift's "1989" to be up for numerous nods this year, although it is a year old, and "Shake it Off" won a couple nod last year, as it was released in August.

With the power wave Adele is riding on, we have no doubt 2016 will be HUGE for her, and she'll have many Grammys to take home at the 2017 Award show, which is so far away.  Her timing was just, well, off on this album's release.  However, that goes to show good for her, seemingly doing things how she wants to.