We've all thought about what we would do if we won a pile of money. This month we've been giving away $1000 twice a day on the air and you also have a chance to win $10,000 by registering online. If you had an extra $1000 in your pocket what would it be? Pay off your credit cards? Make several car payments? Re-do a room in the house? What if I challenged you to “Pay It Forward” and donate the money to one (or more) local charities?

Threw you for a loop there didn't we? Think about it though – the donations would be tax deductible and you would be helping others who might not otherwise have that money. Here are some local charities that we came up with that you could “Pay It Forward” to if you won $1000.

Waypoint Services


Four Oaks

Iowa Humane Alliance

Cedar Valley Humane Society


Those are just a small sampling of the non-profits in the Cedar Rapids area that you could “Pay It Forward” to if you won $1000. There are literally HUNDREDS of organizations. Pick one, two, or three near to your heart and make a difference! Winning $1000 feels good...GIVING feels even better!

What are some other local charities you would donate to?