Jaymz and I had a conversation this morning, both of us being glad that the LAST FINAL debate between Clinton and Trump will mark the end of the torturous TV viewing.

We both encourage everyone to vote for their choice of candidate. It is an American right, a privilege, and an OBLIGATION that all legal U.S. citizens should participate in.

But it got us into a game of one-upmanship because we would both rather do just about ANYTHING other than have to sit through another 90 minutes of blah-blah-blah....

You know, like getting dunked in week old flood river water, or 24 ours of smelling like a "non-crunch-berries" day in downtown Cedar Rapids.

What would be YOUR breaking point?

Mike: I would rather sit with my wife and watch the "Notebook" while the Packers game is on...and Green Bay is winning!

Jaymz: I'd rather hear the boss tell us to "Shut Up and Rock" for the millionth time this month! 

Mike: I'd rather eat a Halloween bag of those nasty, stale peanut-shaped orange marshamallows that taste like styrofoam!

Jaymz: I would rather watch the Hawks lose to Iowa State while rubbing the bunions off my girlfriend's feet!

Mike: I'd rather clip the toenails of a flatulence-prone gorilla while riding a tandem bicycle backwards through I-380 traffic with a bowl of cold spaghetti balancing on my head.

Jaymz: You win.