There is a variety of original television programming in the works to help move your Xbox from the living room to Hollywood.

Bloomberg reports that Xbox Entertainment Studios has signed on for producing six original TV shows, including a Halo series from Hollywood heavyweight Stephen Spielberg. It is believed that Microsoft's upcoming Xbox television studio plans to officially start rolling out projects this June. Microsoft apparently has six series lined up with more than a dozen upcoming projects in development. Xbox's television studios are being helmed by Nancy Tellem, who was CBS Paramount Television's president for over 12 years and is currently Microsoft's entertainment and digital media president.

One of these debut series include 'Humans,' a sci-fi thriller that is about cyborgs being used as robotic workers. Another series being released under this program is 'Every Street United,' which focuses on undiscovered, local street soccer players. 'Every Street United' tells the tale about a tournament between the best street amateur soccer players in the world, which will top off in a final match that will happen at the 2014 World Cup before the big game. There will also be a comedy sketch show featuring Sarah Silverman and Michael Cera's JASH comedy collective along with an animated, stop-motion comedy show done by Seth Green's Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, the team famous for 'Robot Chicken.' There is also a pilot coming for a series called 'Fearless,' which focuses on a Navy bomb-disposal diver, Paul de Gelder, who must face the loss of several limbs to a shark attack and will try to continue in his selfless profession.

Tellem has said that Microsoft is specifically ordering programming that will focus on its main audience and demographic of gamers, which specifically targets males between the ages of 18 to 35. With both Amazon and Netflix debuting their own lines of original programming to promote each of its video-streaming services, Xbox has some high expectations to meet if it would like to adequately compete.