We all know kids can be pretty gross, but you may not know that there's a good chance your kid has snacked on a worm or a caterpillar at some point.

According to a study, just about half of children have eaten a bug, but a whopping 71% of kids won't eat their vegetables. New research has found that worms, caterpillars, and snails are the creature your child has most likely snacked on.

Although I've never eaten a bug, I did used to play with them and I remember witnessing someone eating one on more than one occasion. I wasn't too big into vegetables (what child is?), but my mom made eating them easier. Broccoli with melted cheese was one of my faves, and I also enjoyed carrot sticks with LOTS of ranch.

In honor of the gross things that kids do, we would like to know what the most revolting thing your child has ever done is. It doesn't have to be food or bug related! Please share your stories below!

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