What makes an Iowan TRULY an Iowan? We are on a mission to find out.

I've only lived in Iowa for about a year and a half, but I can tell you that I'm definitely starting to feel like an Iowan. I feel like I've been here forever, even though there's still so much that I haven't done! I came across an article on Only in Your State that lists 11 things you have to do before you're considered an OFFICIAL Iowan (aside from changing your license and registering your car). Let's see how many of these you've done:

  1. You've picked a side: Iowa or Iowa State?
  2. You've experience Ragbrai in one way or another
  3. You've argued about who has the best tenderloin in the state
  4. You've experienced the Iowa Caucuses and, as a result, started screening your phone calls
  5. You've been stuck behind a tractor on the road
  6. You've mastered the Iowa "finger wave"
  7. You've bought corn (or any other veggie) from a random stand on the side or the road or in a parking lot
  8. You've debated with someone on whether or not you put ketchup on a Maid Rite
  9. You've gone to Adventureland at LEAST once
  10. You've seen the butter cow at the Iowa State Fair
  11. And finally, you know the answer to this question: "Is this heaven?"

Something I'd like to add to this list is: you've eaten something deep-fried at a local fair. Here's the deep-fried mac & cheese I had at last year's Great Jones County Fair... it was MAGICAL:


What's something that you think needs to be added to the list? Leave yours in the comments!

[Via Only in Your State]