We’ve written at length about Zayn Malik’s ever-changing hair. Shaved sides, green hair, white hair, a buzz cut, a quiff -- truly the list is unending. At this point it'd probably be newsworthy if he just left it alone for longer than a month.

But Zayn is a style chameleon, never content to have one single look define who he is on the outside, similar to how he was never happy conceding to the rest of One Direction and the dad-rock musical trajectory their sound has evolved toward over the past five years. So it is that he quit the band, so it is that he is a blond again.

According to One Direction’s stylist, Caroline Watson, Zayn was always the most willing to take fashion risks (though Harry Styles’ recent tendency to wear ill-fitting flared pants to every red carpet event edges him further ahead in this non-competition). So his tireless effort to test out every shade of the Manic Panic color sphere on his immaculately sculpted head is, admittedly, unsurprising. The fact that he still looks like an off-duty model through all the bleaching is, however, a true testament to Zayn's good looks.

Check out Zayn's recent tweet above, and consider these questions: How do you feel about his new hair? What about that beard he's sporting? How much longer do you think he'll grow it? How often do you think crumbs and drool get absorbed in it? Does it even matter when you look like Zayn? Our answer is Yes, it still matters, gross. What's yours?

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